Project Partners

The transnational dimension is a core value of the AISkills4CircularTransition as the consortium accords a huge importance to the intercultural experience and competences which are professional, social, technical, and methodological.

This project brings together partners with complementary expertise from 5 European countries, jointly designing new training programs, contents, tools, and workshops.

The AISkills4CircularTransition project will powerfully contribute to better understand the European agri-food ecosystem of innovation and easily find opportunities for collaborations at large scale. It will strongly promote and encourage transnational mobility, exchange, project collaboration and the production of common knowledge.

Transnational collaborative projects could help to optimise technology and knowledge transfer and stimulate even more the innovation and transdisciplinarity.


ANIA, Association Nationale des Industries Alimentaires (French National Food Industry Association), is a non-profit association set up in 1968. ANIA’s purpose is to represent the interests of the French food industries, the leading industry in France.


Fundación Equipo Humano is a private non-for-profit foundation constituted in 2010. The aim of the Foundation is social and labour integration of people. The Foundation was created by experienced professionals from the HR consultancy field. At present, 20 people from different backgrounds are working in our organization, including psychology, education, political sciences, business development, economic, financial, graphic design, labour sciences, labour relations, law…


EURA NOVA is a R&D performing SME established in 2008 in Belgium by Eric Delacroix and Hervé Bath to counter the lack of excellence centre in computer science at the heart of Europe. EURA NOVA’s vocation is to find solutions to current and future ICT challenges with passion, imagination and integrity. We want to make IT a key driver of tomorrow’s society.


The Spanish Food and Drink Federation (FIAB) was established in 1977 to represent the Spanish food and beverage industry through a single body and one voice.
Its main activity is to inform the sector of the main developments that may affect its operation and competitiveness. It also represents its interests in different governement and decision-makers, both nationally and at the European and internation scope.


SEVT is the official body representing the Hellenic Food and Drink Industries at National, European and International level. SEVT membership is made up of Branch Associations and individual food companies. The mission of SEVT is to facilitate the development of an environment in which all food and drink companies, whatever their size, can meet the needs of consumers and society, while at the same time competing effectively for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.


Circular Economy Alliance brings together stakeholders with a genuine interest in the domain with a view to support the transition from a linear to a circular economy. Such transition needs to be expedited given the current scarcity of resources and severe environmental impact from the current linear model. The transition can only be expedited in a focused and targeted way from the actual users and beneficiaries.

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Concha Ávila (FIAB)
European Projects Responsible